A Spa-rific week at Takala Trails Ranch!

The horses at Takala Trails ranch think they died and gone to heaven last week!  We hosted an Equine Massage Therapy Course taught by Sidonia McIntyre who is a certified RMT and CEMT and travels across Canada teaching both Massage and Vertebral Realignment.  This is her third year at Takala Trails Ranch and the horses and us look forward to her annual visits with great enthusiasm!  This course requires a big commitment from the students as they have to study the manuals before they come so they are thoroughly familiar with the terminology and anatomy of the horse.  This combined with the week long hands on experience made for very mellow horses here at our farm.

These courses provide an in depth understanding of the mechanics and structure of the horse as it relates to injury and pain as well as provide horse owners another avenue to bond with their horses and for some a new career.

Sidonia will be back next year around the same time so start planning now to take advantage of this great opportunity.

For more information check out her website: equinerehab.caP1000696 P1000700 P1000701

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