Nanaimo Dahlia Tuber Sale!! Country Club Mall, Saturday April 27th

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How to Grow Dahlias


  • Dahlias love sun, but will also thrive in partial shade so choose an appropriate loction for planting .
  • Dahlias require plenty of water in well-drained, slightly acidic soil(pH6.5).  Soil can be prepared as soon as weather permits.
  • Enrich soil with aged manure and an application of 6-8-6 or 20-20-20.
  • Allow approx. 3 feet between staked plantings.

Buying Tubers ( Dahlia Club Tuber Sale–April)

  • Look for size of blooms(AA is largest), colours and forms suitable for your personal garden.
  • Look for a firm tuber with an established eye.
  • Store tubers in opened package in a cool dry place or plant in pot until ready to tranplant into prepared site.


  • Set out tubers in the Spring in a well prepared site after all danger of frost.

  • Dig a 4 – 6 inch hole about 1 foot in diameter and position a support stake in the center(rebar works well for this).

  • Place the eye of one or two tubers close to stake and cover lightly with soil leaving eye visible.

  • Add more soil filling in the hole as the stalk grows.

  • Remember to label plant variety at this time.

  • Begin tying the plants to the stake when they are approx. 2′ tall.

Pest Control

  • Slugs, earwigs, aphids may be interested in the new growth.
  • Use traps around the base of your plant as needed.  (see club display)

Watering and fertilizing

  • Dahlias love to be watered deeply in well-drained soil.
  • As flowers begin to show add a fertilizer specially formulated for blooms and strong stems.

Pinching and disbudding

  • Pinch out the center stem when the plant has reached about one foot tall to produce a bushier plant with more flowers.
  • To produce a larger flower, pinch out the two side buds (laterals).

End of Season (mid October to beginning of November)

  • Cut plants to about 6 inches from ground.  Dig and lift clumps.
  • Wash tubers well and store either as a clump or divided into individual tubers.
  • Try to retain a piece of the stem on each tuber when dividing.  This is where the eye will form.
  • Store in a cool dry place.

Nanaimo Glad and Dahlia Club invites you to our club meetings on the first Tuesday of every month from February – October to learn more about Growing, Showing and Enjoying this amazing flower.  For more information see the Club Website.

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